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The Chef

My name is Fred Avellar. I am a movie producer who became a chef. 

I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, and I also attended specialization course at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián. While working in the movie industry which makes dreams come true I decided to pursue my own dreams. For years I wondered about leaving the film set and entering a kitchen.

Having that in mind I created ‘Cozinha do Fred’ an Instagram account so that I could share my culinary experiences, and now, that I am back in Brazil, it grew and became a catering service and private chef. 

Dinners, lunches, breakfasts, brunch, birthdays, engagements, corporate meetings, and many other options! An excellent gastronomy solution for social and corporate events.

My cuisine is based on Brazilian and French gastronomy with a strong contemporary trait and Spanish and Mediterranean touch. I like artisanal preparation and always work with fresh products, respecting their nature, in an organic and sustainable way, following the seasonality of the ingredient. 

Cooking means love and care. It is about dedicating my time and full attention for my clients. It is being responsible for their happiness and delight. Cooking means respect to the ingredient to be prepared and served and thus cheering the guest who will taste the meal.



Experience and share with your guests a story with ingredients with a high- quality standards, combined with a pleasant and unique sensory experience! 

Everything carefully prepared by me and my team, following all the rules of hygiene and food safety. 

From the first contact I will help you organize your reception and together we will set all the demands and requirements of the event in order to create a customized menu that is unique and unforgettable. 

Everything for an intimate and exclusive experience:

- Suggested menu and service based on initial information such as type of celebration, number of guests, location, and food restrictions.

- Possible inclusion of extras such as table decoration, choice and rental of glasses, suggestion, and harmonization of drinks, among other items for a complete reception.

- The standard price includes 4 hours of service (My team arrival approximately 4 hours before the start of the event).

- Time flexibility to attend your event in the best way.

- Site inspection on the event’s location, if necessary.

- Assembly of the service table with linen towel and essential accessories for the service; - Crockery and cutlery, paper napkins for appetizers and linen napkins for the table

- Kitchen and lounge staff in uniform and following all hygiene measures, staff according to the to the number of guests

- Cleaning and organization of the space, before and after the event.


The private chef and catering service provides greater peace of mind for you and your event, leaving everything in charge of responsible professionals. Why to worry about with the elaboration of the menu, the preparation and the presentation of the dishes, and in cleaning the kitchen?

We are here to surprise you and your guests, letting you to enjoy from beginning to end.

It is a gastronomic experience with guaranteed satisfaction from good service and most importantly, your smile!


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